What Did James K Polk Want From Mexico

In 1846, James K. Polk was elected president of the United States. His election was largely due to his message of building a “great, powerful and friendly” United States. One of Polk’s major goals in office was to secure border territory along the US-Mexico border.

Did Polk want all of Mexico?

The 19th president of the United States, James K Polk, held a very different perspective on Mexico than his predecessor, Andrew Jackson. Whereas Jackson saw Mexicans as untrustworthy and dangerous, Polk hoped to achieve peaceful relations with Mexico by offering them all of their territory south of the 36th parallel- essentially what is now California, Nevada, and parts of Arizona. At first, Mexico was not interested in negotiations and rejected Polk’s offer. However, after further consideration they agreed to the proposal and the two countries established diplomatic relations.

Why did Polk want to provoke Mexico?

James K Polk wanted to provoke Mexico so that the United States could annex the land. He thought that provoking Mexico would make them less likely to attack us and would give us more land.

Did James K Polk want war with Mexico?

When James K Polk was elected president in 1848, he inherited a difficult situation with Mexico. The country was in the midst of a civil war between two branches of the royal family. The United States had been trying to stay out of the war, but when Mexico attacked American ships on the high seas, Polk decided that enough was enough. He ordered General Zachary Taylor to march into Mexico and force the country to peace.

Polk believed that if he could get Mexico to sign a treaty of peace, it would protect American interests in the region and make it much more difficult for other countries to attack America. However, things didn’t go as planned. The Mexican army was much better prepared than Taylor’s forces and quickly defeated them at the battle of Buena Vista. The treaty that Polk negotiated resulted in Mexico ceding Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to the United States – all of which became part of the Unites States during the Mexican-American War a few years later.

What did James K Polk want?

Polk wanted to annex Texas into the United States and build a southern border fence.

Why did Polk want Texas?

The answer to this question is complicated, but boils down to one essential fact: Polk wanted Texas so that the United States would have a secure southern border. Up until 1845, the US-Mexico border was undefined and largely unprotected. Texas, which had been acquired from Mexico in 1836 as part of the Mexican-American War, provided Polk with an opportunity to rectify this situation.

Polk believed that without a secure border, the United States would be at risk of being invaded by Mexico or another country. He also believed that Texas would help to cement the friendship and goodwill between the United States and Mexico, two countries with a long history of conflict. Finally, Polk believed that acquiring Texas would make it much more difficult for Great Britain – America’s primary rival at the time – to gain control of the Southwest.

Why did the US take Mexico’s land?

The US acquired most of Mexico’s land through a series of forced treaties and military campaigns. The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was fought over the ownership of California, which had been annexed by the US in 1848. The US claimed that California belonged to the nation as part of the Oregon Country, and that the Mexican government had not properly claimed it. The war resulted in the loss of nearly half of Mexico’s territory, including parts of modern-day Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.There is No Mercy in Mexico over crimes.

What did James K Polk do in the Mexican-American War?

The Mexican-American War was fought between the United States and Mexico from 1846 to 1848. The conflict began after the US Army invaded Mexico in an attempt to take control of California, which was part of Mexico at the time. The war ended with the US gaining control of Texas and part of New Mexico. Polk, who was president during the war, believed that the war was necessary to expand US borders and secure new resources. He also believed that the war would help build goodwill with Mexico, which would be beneficial in future dealings.

What three goals did the United States have in the war with Mexico?

1. To annex Mexico
2. To defeat Mexico’s army and seize its territory
3. To prevent the spread of Mexican revolutionary ideals into the United States


The annexation of Texas by the United States in 1845 was not an easy process. Throughout his presidency, James K Polk tried to negotiate a deal with Mexico that would keep both countries intact. However, Mexican president Santa Anna refused to meet with Polk and insisted on taking Texas by force. The result of this conflict is now known as the Mexican-American War. Although Polk lost the war, he ultimately achieved his goal of annexing Texas and creating a southern border for the United States.

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