How do you find peoples old tweets

Want to know what people were talking about a year ago? Or two years ago? Twitter has been keeping track of what people have been tweeting ever since 2006. If you’re looking for old tweets, all you need to do is type in the URL of the Twitter account and Twitter will crawl through all its archives and give you a list of all the tweets from that account.

How do you find people’s old tweets?

Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but what if you want to find a specific tweet from a long time ago? Here are five ways to find old tweets:

1. Use Twitter’s search feature. Type in the person’s name and the date range you’re looking for, and Twitter will return all of the tweets that match.

2. Use Twitter’s “advanced search” feature. This allows you to filter by location, followers, and more.

3. Use Twitter’s “timeline.” This shows all of your tweets in reverse chronological order, so you can see which ones were latest.

4. Use Twitter’s “retweet” feature. If someone posts a tweet that interests you, click on the retweet button next to it and it will add the tweet to your timeline.

5. Access your account’s “history.” This will show all of your past tweets, including those from before Twitter existed as a standalone service!

How do I find specific tweets from someone?

Twitter is an amazing way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news. However, if you want to find specific tweets from a particular person, you’ll need to use some search techniques.

One option is to use Twitter’s search bar at the top of the page. This lets you type in a keyword or phrase and see all the tweets that contain that term.

You can also use Twitter’s advanced search feature, which lets you specify more specific criteria. For example, you could look for all tweets from a particular account that mention a specific topic or event.

If you just want to view a subset of the user’s overall tweets, you can use Twitter’s lists feature. This lets you create groups of related tweets and see them all in one place.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to use caution when searching for personal information on Twitter. Don’t tweet about personal matters if you don’t want the public to know about them. And remember: always get permission from the people you’re trying to interview before using their Tweets in your article or blog post!

Does Twitter delete old tweets?

Twitter does not delete tweets that are older than six months.

How do you scroll on old tweets?

Twitter used to be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. But sometimes, you might want to see old tweets from people you’ve blocked or stopped following. Here’s how to scroll through old tweets:

1. On the Twitter homepage, click on the down arrow next to the “@” icon next to your name. This will open the list of accounts you’re following.

2. Next, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the account you want to view tweets from. This will open a list of all the tweets from that account since it was last updated.

3. To scroll through older tweets, just drag your mouse cursor over the timestamp in the bottom left corner of each tweet. This will scroll through all the tweets from that time period.

How do you search someones tweets 2022?

Twitter is a great way to stay up to date with what is happening in the world. It is also a great way to connect with other people who are interested in the same things as you are.

One way to find out what people are talking about on Twitter is to search for their old tweets. This is easy to do if you know the username of the person you want to find. You can also use Twitter’s search function to find their tweets.

If you don’t know the username, you can find out by looking at the timeline of the person you want to find. The timeline shows all of the tweets that the person has posted on Twitter.

How long do tweets stay on Twitter?

Twitter’s retention policy is to keep tweets for seven days. If a tweet is deleted after being posted, it will be removed after seven days but it may still be visible if it was retweeted or liked.

How long do Twitter posts last?

Twitter posts are usually short, but some users post longer tweets. When a user logs into Twitter, their account is populated with new tweets, rather than old tweets. If you want to see a user’s old tweets, you’ll need to follow them and then search for their username.

Does Twitter store all tweets?

Twitter has been known to store all tweets for a period of time, although the length of time varies from user to user. Some users have reported that their tweets have been archived for up to seven years.

Does Twitter still have advanced search?

Twitter has always been a great way to connect with others, share news and events, and learn about current events. However, one of the drawbacks of Twitter is that it is difficult to find tweets from people who are no longer active on the site. For those who want to find old tweets from celebrities, politicians, or other public figures, Twitter’s advanced search feature can be incredibly helpful.


Twitter is a great way to connect with people all over the world, but it can be difficult to track down old tweets that you might want to use for your blog or other projects. Luckily, there are a few ways to find old tweets and use them in your work. One option is to type in a person’s name into Twitter’s search bar and look through their recent tweets. This method can be helpful if you are looking for specific information or if the person has recently changed their profile picture or username.
Another option is to visit the Twitter archive website. This website allows you to view all of the tweets posted by a specific account up until a certain point in time. This site is especially useful if you want to access older tweets that have been deleted from the original account.
Both of these options require some digging around on Twitter’s website, but they are both relatively easy to use and can help you get the information that you need from old tweets without having to manually search through every single tweet.

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