How do i view my lorex cameras on my pc

Lorex is a well-known brand in the CCTV market with products that are often seen as high-quality and reliable. However, if you’re looking to view your Lorex cameras on your PC, you may find that the process is more complicated than it seems. In this article, we’ll show you how to view your Lorex cameras on your PC using different software and methods.

How do I view Lorex camera on my browser?

If you have a Lorex IP camera, you can view it on your computer with the Lorex Camera Viewer. To install the Camera Viewer, go to the Lorex website and download the installer for your computer. After you have installed the Camera Viewer, open it and click on the Add New Device button. Then enter the details of your Lorex camera and click on the Next button. The Camera Viewer will then start scanning for available cameras. Once it has found a camera, you will be able to view it live or recorded.

Does Lorex have a computer app?

Lorex has a computer app, but it is not currently available.

How do I use Lorex cloud on my PC?

If you have a Lorex camera and would like to view the footage on your computer, you’ll first need to create an account with Lorex Cloud. After creating your account, you can login to your account and find the video recordings under “My Videos.” If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Lorex app to view recordings on the go.

Why can’t I see my Lorex cameras online?

There could be a few reasons why you’re not able to see your Lorex cameras online. One possibility is that the cameras aren’t connected to the internet or your computer. Make sure you have plugged in the cameras and turned them on, and that you’re using the correct network connection. If you’re still having trouble seeing the cameras online, make sure you’ve registered them with Lorex’s online portal.

How do I view my security cameras on Chrome?

If you’re using a Windows computer, the easiest way to view your Lorex cameras is to open the Chrome web browser and navigate to the address of your camera’s website. (For example, if your camera is located at, you would type that into Chrome and hit enter.) Once you’re on the camera’s website, you’ll see a list of all of the cameras connected to that account. Click on the camera you want to view, and you’ll be brought right into your camera’s live view.

How do I find my Lorex camera IP address?

To find your Lorex camera’s IP address, open the Lorex Navigator app on your mobile device and sign in. From the main menu, select Cameras. On the Cameras page, you’ll see a list of all of your installed Lorex cameras. Next to each camera, you’ll see an IP address. Copy this address and use it to access the camera’s live video feed on your computer.

What is the best app for Lorex cameras?

There are many different apps available for viewing Lorex cameras on a PC, but the best option may vary depending on your operating system and device. Here are some of the most popular and user-friendly options:

1) Lorex Camera Viewer (Windows): This app is free and works with both Windows and Mac computers. It allows you to view live footage, recordings, motion alerts, and other data from your Lorex camera.

2) Lorex Camera Manager (Windows): This app costs $24.99 but offers more features than the Lorex Camera Viewer. It lets you manage your camera settings, view recorded footage, and share images and videos with others.

3) Lorex Home Security App (iPhone/iPad): This app is free to download and use, and it lets you view live or recorded footage from your Lorex camera. You can also access motion alerts, access saved footage, add tags to photos/videos, and more.

4) Foscam FI9818WL Wi-Fi Camera (Android/iOS): This app costs $19.99 but offers many of the same features as the Lorex Home Security App.

What’s the difference between Lorex Cloud and Lorex Home?

Lorex Cloud is the cloud-based service that delivers live viewing, recording and playback of events to anywhere with an internet connection. Lorex Home is a traditional security system that includes a hard drive for recording and storage of events.

Do Lorex cameras have an app?

If you have a Lorex IP camera, then you can access it through the Lorex app. This means that you can view and manage your camera from your mobile device or computer. You can also access live streaming and recordings through the app.

How do I access Lorex NVR?

If you have a Lorex NVR, you can view it on your computer using the Lorex NVR Viewer. The software is free to download from the Lorex website and it will install automatically when you open it. Once installed, you can access your camera footage by clicking on the “View” tab in the toolbar at the top of the window. You can also use the “Search” function to find specific footage.


If you’re using a Lorex camera system to monitor events or security footage, you may want to be able to view and manage your recordings from your computer. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to do this, and the process is generally straightforward. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to view and manage your recordings from your computer.

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