8 Best Document Editor Apps For Android

Editing is a tough task to do. It requires the presence of mind, concentration, a healthy vocabulary, and whatnot. One needs a well-featured editor app for the works like editing documents for office or any other work. If you are someone who is looking for such apps then you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will find 8 Best Document Editor Apps For Android that will surely help you with your editing documents and save a lot of your time. The apps that will help you find the errors, in the document, easily and edit them on your command and make the whole editing thing a lot less hectic and fast.

1. Text Editor – Create, Save and Edit text Files

The app text editor – create, save and edit text files is one of the under-rated apps that is loved by the users. The app is developed by Spencer Studios for Android users and is rated 4 stars by the people who are using it.

  • The app is easy to use
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains no Ads
  • Edit text on your devices external storage directory
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2. Makor: Markdown Editor – todo.txt

Makor: Markdown Editor app is developed by Gregor Santner and the app is rated 4.8 stars by users all over the world. The app is an all-rounder and helps you in a lot of ways. Create your to-do list as well as store all the documents on a common filesystem folder.

  • You can work offline
  • Edit with notepad or vim
  • Quick insert picture
  • Share document as HTML or PDF
  • Dark theme available
  • Contains no Ads

3. QuickEdit Text Editor Pro – Writer And Code Editor

The app QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is developed by Rhythm Software and is rated 4.6 stars by the users. It is one of the full-featured apps that is perfect for editing work can be used on phones and tablets. It also has a notepad application that is highly improved.

  • Fast selecting and editing abilities
  • Syntax highlight for 40+ languages
  • Fluent editing for huge files
  • Supports multiple tab editing
  • Multiple themes available
  • Preview HTML, CSS, and markdown files
  • Contains no ads
  • You have to buy the app

4. Writer Plus (Write on the Go)

The Writer Plus app is developed by Easy4U Ltd. and is rated as 4.6 stars by satisfied users all over the world. The app is simple to use and provides important editing features. It supports 8+ languages and this app is perfect for writing notes, novels, lyrics, drafts on your phone or tablet.

  • Turn your thoughts into text, Markdown support
  • Word and character count available
  • Night mode theme available
  • The app is free
  • In-app purchases available

5. PDF Editor – Edit Everything!

It looks impossible to edit a pdf file/document. What’s worse is finding an app that helps you edit and recreate the pdf. Thanks to Desygner Pty Ltd for developing the app PDF Editor that allows us to edit everything in the PDF without any trouble. The free edition allows you to edit and import 1 pdf of 10 pages and 20MB.

  • Millions of royalty-free images can be used
  • Free access to fonts
  • Supports over 10.000 different types of PDF
  • Many free features available
  • Edit like a pro
  • Contains ad
  • In-app purchases available

6. PDF Creator and Editor

Pdf Creator and Editor app let you create PDF from multiple images and allows you to do many more amazing edits. The app is developed by Gallery PDF Creator QR Code and is rated 4.3 stars by the users. It has a lot of features that help you with your PDF editing.

  • Create, Merge, Split and Compress the PDF
  • Add images and texts and convert the text file into PDF
  • Protect PDF with password
  • Add watermark to the PDF
  • QR and Bar code scanner
  • Dark theme available
  • Share PDF files as well
  • Contains Ads
  • The app is free to use

7. Google Docs

Google doc is one of the best and most used apps for document/manuscript purposes. The app is developed by Google LLC and is rated 4.3 stars by the users. The app provides you simple yet important features to use while editing.

  • The app is free to use
  • It allows you to recreate/edit the existing document
  • It works offline as well
  • Everything gets autosaved
  • The app is really helpful and is easy to use

8. Microsoft Word: Write and edit docs on the go

Microsoft is again the most popular and commonly used document editing app. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation and is rated 4.4 stars by users all around the world. The app lets you create, edit and share your file quickly and easily. You can do any kind of office work with the help of this app.

  • Have good formats and layouts
  • You can work in collaboration
  • Edit documents anywhere
  • Offers in-app purchases available

Hope you find this article helpful and have found the apps that you think are most appropriate for your work. Thank you for visiting the page!

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