why was the echo spot discontinued

The Echo Spot was a revolutionary Amazon device that allowed users to control their smart home devices using voice commands. However, after a few months on the market, Amazon discontinued the product. What went wrong?

In this article, we explore some of the reasons why the Echo Spot failed and what Amazon can learn from its failure. We also offer some tips on how you can avoid making the same mistakes with your own product launch.

Why is Echo Spot not available?

The Echo Spot was discontinued because Amazon decided to focus on the new Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is replacing the Echo Spot?

The Echo Spot was discontinued because it was not meeting the needs of Amazon customers. Amazon has released a new product called the Tap, which is a portable speaker that can be used with Alexa.

Has Amazon Echo been discontinued?

Amazon Echo was a revolutionary product when it was first released. It allowed users to control their devices and settings with voice commands. However, Amazon has discontinued the Echo Spot.

Is the Echo Spot back?

The Echo Spot was discontinued in favor of the newer and more advanced Echo Show. So what happened?

After Amazon acquired the smart speaker company, Google, in 2017, rumors started to circulate that the Echo Spot would be discontinued. The Verge reported that “internal concerns at Amazon about how well the Echo Spot was selling led to its demise.”

According to Engadget, “The Echo Spot was never a huge seller for Amazon, but it had a small but vocal fanbase. Many people were using them as dedicated mini-consoles for watching streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, or playing music from their personal collections.”

However, some people are still using the Echo Spot because it does have some great features that the newer models don’t have. For example, the Echo Spot has a built-in camera that you can use for video calling and quick reaction time when you need to answer a question in a meeting by saying “Alexa, show me my calendar.”

When did the echo spot come out?

The Echo Spot was discontinued in March of 2018. The discontinuation was said to be due to low sales numbers.

Does Amazon sell Echo spot?

The Echo Spot was discontinued by Amazon in early 2018. This device was unique because it had a 7-inch display and could be used as both a standalone speaker and an Echo device. The Echo Spot was discontinued because it wasn’t selling well.

Do Echo spots still work?

The Echo Spot was discontinued in 2018 after its parent company, Alphabet Inc., merged with Google. At the time of the merger, there were reports that the Echo Spot was struggling due to low sales. However, some people still use Echo Spots and love them.

What is the difference between Echo Spot and echo show?

The Echo Spot was discontinued in late 2018 and the Echo Show was released in early 2019. The Echo Spot was replaced by the Echo Show because it has a better display and a better sound quality.


Echo Spot was discontinued for a few reasons. First, Amazon wanted to focus on Alexa devices and services. Second, they were losing money on Echo Spot. Third, their research showed that people were using Echo Spot in unique ways (such as calling 911) that weren’t being captured by the device’s sensors. Fourth, they didn’t see a place for Echo Spot in their overall product lineup at this time. Fifth and finally, they didn’t have enough engineers working on Echo Spot to keep it up to date with new features and functionality.

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