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Weather alert is a must in today’s humid climate and the changing weather. Weather alert apps are a must to know e changing weather and climate update and it also provides accurate predictions for any further plan or outing.

1.NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts – Clime

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The app reflects accurate real-time weather conditions and provides you with the detailed meteo information you need to know: current and “Feels Like” temperature, the chance of precipitation and humidity info, wind speed and wind direction, pressure changes and more. Customize your weather report according to your taste – choose the information you would like to receive!

2. EWA – Extreme Weather Alert

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EWA has accurate weather information for anytime and anywhere within the EU. App will accurately display current weather conditions for your chosen location in the EU and alert you with push notifications when there is severe weather expected.


– Weather forecast at your fingerprints;
– Live weather radar;
– Push notifications;
– Alerts about expected severe weather.

3. Storm Radar: Hurricane Tracker, Live Maps & Alerts

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Rain and floods tracker, wind speed and local temperature, our cutting-edge doppler radar technology lets you customize your HD weather map in real-time with GPS localization. Plus, get live severe weather alerts, including floods, lightning and hourly tornado updates from your NOAA storm radar and hurricane tracker. Plus, Storm will give you tornado alerts and hourly NOAA forecast in real-time (or up to 8 hours in advance) with our radar HD weather map.


4. Weather Forecast & Snow Radar: The Weather Channel

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Live weather radar, weather maps, forecast for blizzard and rain, and an accurate storm tracker – available wherever you are! Get the local weather info you need to prepare for what’s ahead: a snow storm, an early blizzard, or blue skies. Living in an area prone to severe weather? Our storm radar and severe weather alerts have got you covered. We provide an accurate weather forecast to help you plan up to 15 days in advance, with NOAA alerts and severe weather recommendations.

5. Weather Radar App—Weather Live Maps, Storm Tracker

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 Real-time weather maps animations with blizzard & hurricane tracker: rain, snow, clouds, wind, temperature, humidity, wave, pressure, current
• Full report: location time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speed, and direction
• Detect location by GPS & network to get forecast maps
• Search & manage multiple locations
• Supported notification for weather and alerts
• Real-time update widget
• Today, tomorrow, 7 days later.

6. AccuWeather: Weather alerts & live forecast info

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From local weather updates to today’s temperature, get the weather forecast you can rely on. With in-depth forecast news, forecast updates, severe weather alerts, today’s weather, and much more. Our weather radar accuracy lets you stay ahead of the daily forecast and is the weather tracker that makes the unpredictable, predictable.

Weather forecasting, severe weather warnings, local forecasts, weather radar & more.

7. Weather Alert

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Program and widget Weather Alert is a detailed weather station, which you can use directly on your device. It presents the weather for the selected location for the next 7 days. You can enable notifications for severe weather conditions (such as tornadoes, tropical storms, hurricanes, storms, blizzards, tornadoes, hail and heat). We can select the units of measurement (Celsius and Farentheita).


8. Real-time Weather Alerts and Forecast Radar

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Real-time weather forecast and radar alerts is a free weather app designed to maximize the user experience. This weather app has distinguish features including weather map, future radar forecasts, advance storm alerts, severe weather alerts, current weather conditions, hourly forecast and weekly weather summaries and weather conditions.

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