The Best Heroes in Dota 2

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA game that pits two teams of five players against each other in an arena filled with minions, structures, and powerful monsters. Featuring an ever-growing cast of characters, Heroes has quickly become one of the most popular games on the market. If you’re a fan of the game, you know that it can be hard to find your favorite heroes to play. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best heroes in Dota 2 and why they’re so good. From Holy Paladins to Lina, read on to learn which heroes are essential for your team!


The best heroes in Dota are the ones that can do a lot of damage and provide great utility. They’re heroes that can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle, or help carry your team to victory. Here are the 10 best heroes in Dota:

10. Puck

Puck is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. He’s able to transform into different objects, making him incredibly difficult to kill. He also has a ton of crowd-control abilities, which makes him an essential part of any team composition.

Team Liquid

Data is a very competitive game and it can be hard to find the right heroes to play. That’s why we’re here to help you out! In this article, we’re going to give you our list of the best heroes in Dota. We’ll tell you what they are good for, which team they work well with, and some tips on how to use them effectively. So without further ado, here are the best heroes in Dota:

1) The Ancient Apparition – The Ancient Apparition is a very powerful support character that can protect allies from enemy attacks and also deal damage with his abilities. He’s great for teamed-up games or when playing against slower opponents.

2) Lone Druid – Lone Druid is an excellent support character because he can easily keep enemies away from allies while dealing damage himself. He works best on teams that have a lot of ranged characters, as he can easily get targeted by enemies.

3) Rubick – Rubick is a very versatile support character that can both heal teammates and deal damage with his spells. He’s perfect for supporting aggressive players or for taking down single targets.

4) Tinker – Tinker is a very versatile hero that can both attack and defend himself with his abilities. He works well on teams that have lots of different types of characters, as he can help cover all the bases.


When it comes to the best heroes in Dota, there is no definitive answer. Every player has their preferences and a hero that works well for one person might not work as well for another. However, some of the most popular heroes in the game are guaranteed to be contenders for the title of best hero in Dota 2.

1. Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit is a popular support hero due to his ability to both deal damage and protects allies. He’s able to shower enemies with fire, set enemies on fire, or even create impenetrable walls of fire. His ultimate ability allows him to unleash a devastating attack that can easily take out multiple enemies at once.

2. Pudge

Pudge is another support hero who specializes in crowd control and tanking damage. He’s able to pick apart weaker foes with his massive weapon and then use his powerful abilities to protect allies from harm. Pudge’s ultimate ability allows him to create a giant pit that forces opponents into submission.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest and most successful Dota teams. They’ve won multiple tournaments and have a large following among professional players. Their roster features some of the best players in the world, so you can be sure that they’ll give their all when playing.

Evil Geniuses plays a fast-paced, aggressive style of Dota that is praised by many players. They use a variety of spells and abilities to take down their opponents, making them a difficult team to beat.


Cloud9 is a North American professional esports organization formed in December 2014. The team currently competes in the Dota 2 Championship Series (DotA2), under the name Cloud9 Tempest. Cloud9 is ranked first in both prize money and fan engagement, and sixth overall in the world. The roster has been together since December 2014 and began playing under the name C9 [1]. Initially, they were sponsored by Azubunullity. After two unsuccessful months playing together, Cloud9 disbanded their original lineup and recruited former iCCup player Arteezy.[2] On March 4th, 2015, Cloud9 acquired EGM from Vici Gaming for an undisclosed amount. This move made Cloud9 one of the few Western teams to have a Chinese player on their roster.[3] They placed second at The Defense 3 weeks later after losing to Virtus Pro in the finals. Shortly thereafter Arteezy left the team to join Evil Geniuses.[4] This caused some controversy as he was still contracted with Cloud9 through 2020[5], but later Arteezy clarified that he would not be playing for either team until his contract expired[6]. In late March in Boston Major Cloud9 was knocked out of the tournament by Digital Chaos 1-3 in the quarterfinals after having eliminated Fnatic earlier that day. Their most recent performance was at EPICENTER 2017 where they reached the Grand Finals but lost 2-3 to SK Gaming [7].


OG is a team that was created in late 2016 by the San Francisco-based organization Undecked. The roster features three players who had been part of the organization’s previous squad, along with two new players. OG won The International 2017, becoming the first team to win back-to-back tournaments.


LGD is a team that started in the amateur scene and has since turned into one of the top teams in China. They have won multiple tournaments, including The International 4. LGD also has a strong support player in Expression who can help carry his team to victory.

Some of LGD’s other notable players include Burning, who is known for his aggressive playstyle, and Faith_bian, who is a skilled player with strong map awareness.

LGD was formed in March 2011 by xiao8, Mu, and Yao. At that time, they were playing in the amateur scene under the name “Newbee Young.” In January 2012, they changed their name to LGD Gaming and joined the GosuGamers Pro Circuit. On September 12th of that year, they qualified for The International 2012 as the third Chinese team competing at the event. LGD finished third after losing to Team DK and then beating Vici Gaming 3-1 in the playoffs. They repeated as champions at The International 2013 but lost to Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the grand finals.

In March 2014, LGD announced that xiao8 had left the team to focus on his personal life.[2] LGD recruited PPD from VGJ Thunder as their new captain and began preparations for The International 2014 qualifiers where they placed first overall beating Mineski 3-0 along the way.[3] After qualifying for TI4 with a record of 10-1 (with one game

Who is the top 1 player in Dota 2?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the best heroes in Dota 2, as the game constantly evolves and new strategies are created. However, some heroes have consistently proven themselves to be the best options in different situations. Here are the top five players in the world right now according to MMR (matchmaking rating):

5. Secret

The secret has had a strong showing throughout 2018 and has been one of the most consistent teams in the world. They’ve placed second at several majors, including The International 8 and The Boston Major, and have consistently shown prowess at online tournaments. Their hero pool looks well-rounded, with viable picks for almost every situation. One of their main strengths is their team play; they’re able to use each member’s skills harmoniously to win games.

4. Newbee

Newbee is another team that has consistently placed well at major tournaments over the past year or so. They made it to The International 8 final but were beaten by eventual champions Virtus Pro. However, they’ve still had several strong performances throughout 2018, most notably placing fourth at The Boston Major and third at The International 8. Their strength lies largely in their teamwork; they seem to be able to work together flawlessly no matter what situation arises. Although they don’t have any one standout player, as a whole they make an extremely cohesive unit.

3. Vici Gaming Reborn


Which hero has the highest damage in Dota 2?

Data 2’s Damage-Per-Second (DPS) statistics can be a little confusing to decipher. After all, each hero has their strengths and weaknesses. So which hero has the highest DPS?

To put it simply, the character with the highest DPS is usually one that can deal a lot of damage quickly. This means heroes like Visage, Dragon Knight, Bristleback, and Pugna are often at the top of the list. They have high attack speeds and powerful abilities that make them very destructive in battle.

However, some heroes are just as effective at dealing with damage but take a bit longer to bring down an enemy. For instance, Morphling is a character that relies on his ability to morph into different creatures to survive. This means he can take a little longer to hit his stride but when he does he’s capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in short order.

Who is the strongest Dota?

There are a lot of different heroes in Dota, and each one can be incredibly powerful depending on the situation. Ultimately, it comes down to who is the best Dota player out there.

Some of the most popular heroes include Mirana, Luna, Timbersaw, and Puck. Each one of these heroes has a unique set of abilities that make them potentially deadly in any given situation. However, many other heroes can be just as powerful or even more so in certain circumstances.

Ultimately, it comes down to who is the best Dota player out there. No single hero is definitively better than any other, and you need to be able to adapt to whatever your opponent throws your way to win.

Who is the strongest dragon in Dota?

Data is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s base, typically by Gateway Units called “creeps” which march across the map toward the opponent’s fortress. The game features seven matchups between two teams of five players, with each hero having their strengths and weaknesses. Each player selects one of over 100 available heroes from a pool of ten randomly generated ones at the start of every match, with heroes gaining new abilities as they are leveled up or purchased from an in-game shop.

The best heroes in Dota are those that can do a lot of damage and control the battlefield. Some heroes specialize in beating down enemies quickly or protecting allies; others have unique abilities that can turn the tide of battles, such as Windranger’s teleport ability or Timbersaw’s dual blades that deal continuous damage. Since each team has five players, picking a hero that can fit into your team’s strategy is key to success.

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