The Best Backgrounds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

When it comes to video games, one of the most important aspects is the character’s design. This is why it’s so important for developers to find the perfect person for their role, no matter how small. And that’s where Tiny Tina comes in. She may be small, but she has a large impact on the world of Borderlands 2. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best backgrounds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and why they’re so great. ###

What are the best backgrounds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Backgrounds can be one of the most important factors in designing your character. Whether you are creating a new character or tweaking an existing one, a great background can make all the difference. In this article, we will outline some of the best backgrounds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and give tips on how to create them yourself.

Starting with basics, there are several ways to create a background that fits your character. The first option is to use photos or images from online sources like Google Images or Pixabay. These can be used as is or tweaked to better fit your needs. Another option is to create your own background using Photoshop or other image editing software. This is a more time-consuming process but offers more control over the final product.

If you want to go with an online source, be sure to take into account things like resolution and file size when choosing which image to use. If you are going with Photoshop, be sure to save your image in a format that will work with the program (JPG, PNG, GIF). Finally, if you plan on using an online background for multiple characters, it’s helpful to have a copy saved in each character’s respective folder so that changes made between characters don’t affect the others unintentionally.

Once you have selected and saved your background image(s), it’s time to start creating your character! The first step is deciding on their physical features and what clothing they

What do the backgrounds require?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a new DLC for Borderlands 2, introduces players to four new characters: Mordecai, Lilith, Gunzerker, and Assassin. These characters have unique backstories and skills that set them apart from the others in the game.

To create these backgrounds, the developers took inspiration from different cultures and mythologies. For example, Mordecai is a Russian gunslinger who has traveled the world. Lilith is a succubus who commands the dark forces of the night. Gunzerker is an American cowboy who channels electricity through his weapons to devastating effect. Assassin is a Japanese ninja who uses stealth and surprise to take down her opponents.

Each background requires a different approach when creating your character’s portrait. For example, Gunzerker needs to be portrayed as wild and unhinged; Assassin needs to be depicted as deadly and mysterious; Mordecai needs to be tough but compassionate; Lilith needs to be seductive but dangerous; and finally, the Heavy can be portrayed using any of the five backdrops provided by Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

What are the best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands for a background?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an expansive and detailed world that can be used for a variety of background purposes. For example, you could use it as the setting for a fantasy story or as the backdrop to a science fiction story. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands backgrounds for various uses.

The first Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands background is perfect for a medieval setting. The scenery includes castles, fields, and dense forests. This background can also be used to represent different regions in Europe, such as France or Spain.

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands background is perfect for a horror story set in an abandoned asylum. The backdrop features dark hallways and creepy cells. It can also be used to represent scenes from classic horror movies, such as Psycho or The Shining.

For a steampunk setting, consider using Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Background with steamheralds and clockwork machines scattered throughout the scene. This backdrop can also be used to represent scenes from classic science fiction novels, such as H G Wells’ War of The Worlds or Jules Verne’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

If you want to create a superheroine-themed story, consider using Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Background with bright colors and busy streets filled with superheroes flying around on their super-wheels. You could also use this backdrop to represent scenes

Does character background matter in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands?

Backgrounds play a big role in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands. Characters with interesting backstories are more interesting to play as and make for better companions. Here are six great background stories that you can use for your characters in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands.

1. Tina the Traitor: Born into a family of traitors, Tina grew up feeling like she was born to betray her own people. She joined the Securitrons as an act of rebellion and eventually rose through the ranks to become their leader. However, her true loyalties lie with her friends and she will do whatever it takes to protect them.

2. Angel (voiced by Laura Bailey): Angel is a brilliant engineer who helps build and maintain the giant machines that keep Tiny Tina’s world running smoothly. She’s also a bit of a loner, preferring to work by herself than mix with other people. But when danger threatens, Angel is ready and willing to put her skills to use to defend her home.

3. Gruntilda (voiced by Holly Hunter): The Queen of Mean is one of the most feared villains in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands and she has no qualms about using any means necessary to achieve her goals. Gruntilda is incredibly powerful and has spent centuries amassing an army of monsters under her control. If Tiny Tina EVER manages to catch up to her, she’ll have a fight on her hands!

4. Robo-Baby: Robo

What is the strongest class in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands?

Backgrounds in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands can make or break a character. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for your playstyle. Here is a list of the strongest backgrounds in the game:

The Gunner: The Gunner is the perfect background for players who want to specialize in ranged combat. Their powerful firearms make them difficult to take down, even from close range.

The Berserker: The Berserkers are masters of melee combat. With massive physical strength and ferocious attacks, they can quickly take down their opponents.

The Engineer: Engineers are experts at building and managing devices. They have access to a variety of gadgets that can help them survive dangerous situations, such as turrets and mines.

What background is best for Graveborn?

Graveborn are born with a dark and brooding aura that often makes them difficult to get along with. However, those who can overcome this and become friends with Graveborn often find that they have a great deal of wisdom to share. People who are passionate about learning and exploring tend to do well as Graveborn, as they appreciate new experiences and knowledge. Those looking for an adventurous lifestyle would also be good choices, as Graveborn is always up for a new challenge.

Can you change your backstory in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands?

There are a few ways to change your backstory in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands. You can pick a new background for yourself, or you can pick a backstory for one of your companions.

To choose a new background for yourself, go to the character select screen and click on the “Create Character” button. On the “Character Info” screen, select the “Backstory” tab and click on the “Choose Background” button. You will then be able to select from a variety of different backgrounds.

To choose a backstory for one of your companions, first find that companion in the game world. Once you have found them, click on them to open their character info window. Next, click on the “Backstory” tab and select the “Choose Background” button. You will then be able to select from a variety of different backgrounds.


Whether you’re looking to spruce up your gaming experience or just add a little extra personality to your desktop, there are many great backgrounds available in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. From whimsical forests to detailed cityscapes, these backgrounds will help make your gaming experience even more immersive. So which background should you choose for your next game? Let us know in the comments below!

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