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Portable Gardening Tools Yard Lawn Trimmer Sidewalk Quick Remove Weed

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Made of plastic metal, it is durable and practical to use.
Good for prying and removing thistles, chickweed, and other weeds.
Long prongs grab the root from multiple directions, aerates the soil.
With this manual weed hook, no chemicals required, no bending.
Keeps your hand comfortable while gardening, make weeding easy.

Specification: gap weeder head, sickle gap weeder, telescopic rod weeder, telescopic metal rod, weeder
Gap weeder head
Material: Metal
Product size: 15.5*11*10cm
Sickle gap weeder
Material: Metal
Product size: 9*20.5cm
Telescopic rod weeder set
Material: aluminum alloy +PP
Product size: metal rod 47*80cm, diameter 19/22mm, weeding head 15.5*11*10cm
Telescopic metal rod
Material: aluminum alloy +PP
Product size: 47*80cm, diameter 19/22mm
Pulling the device
Material: stainless steel
Product size: 32*5cm

Package Content

1 X Trimmer undefined







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