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Camera phone triangle bracket

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 This tripod is light and flexible, with 3D pan/tilt and quick release panel units. Non-slip reinforced foot pad, is a DV digital camera companion

   The structure of this tripod is different from that of a similar tripod, and we have a unique locking function.

    And we are factory direct sales, in the middle save a lot of links, in the only earning popularity,

    The concept of quality first is basically sold at the ex-factory price, so it is value-for-money.

  1\The material used for our shelves, my PTZ uses ABS high-grade materials.

   2\Our foot tube is made of space aluminum alloy material.

   3\ can be positioned up and down.

   4\We are highly tall and people, 1.3 meters humanized design.

  5\\ product design is small, the main target, travel abroad, easy to carry, put ordinary bags and backpacks, etc.

Features: Lightweight portable aluminum alloy tripod Standard thread diameter for all cameras, cameras

Minimum working height: 360mm

Working height: 1060mm

Maximum diameter: 16.8mm

Maximum load: 3kg

 1. Special wind: Lightweight tripods are made of aluminum alloy and have been specially surface treated. They are made through strict inspection. They are light and strong and easy to carry. And can adapt to complex terrain in poor environment.
2. The joint thread of the tripod is the international M1/4", which can ensure the smooth connection with all current optical, digital cameras and cameras. It is suitable for both traditional cameras and digital cameras and small cameras.
3. The new product inherits all the performances of the original classic series of tripods, and adopts more beautiful and exquisite surface treatment technology and packaging design, which is more ergonomic.
4. Pull rod lifting, 3D pan/tilt, 360 degree rotation, 90 degree side shot
5. Special style: tripod, your permanent companion for photography tour

长三角架蓝牙遥控器自拍相机快门夹支架三角架套件礼物手机支架(2)长三角架蓝牙遥控器自拍相机快门夹支架三角架套件礼物手机座支架(3)长三角架蓝牙遥控器自拍相机快门夹支架三角架套装礼品手机支架(4)长三角架蓝牙遥控器自拍相机快门夹支架三角架套件套装手机支架支架(5)礼物长三角架蓝牙遥控器自拍相机快门夹三脚架套件礼物手机支架(6)\ t长三角架蓝牙遥控器自拍相机快门夹支架三脚架套套件礼品手机支架(7)  

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