Is It Wise To Hire Employees From TikTok?


Gone are the days when traditional recruitment practices were the sole methods for looking for potential applicants. Today, social media recruitment has become the top preferred hiring approach of employers because 86% of job seekers use social media in their job search. This shows how social media is no longer simply a platform for connecting with friends and family, but it’s now also a way for you to connect with potential employees.

Besides LinkedIn and Facebook, another platform that’s used by job seekers to find employment is TikTok. In our previous article about promotions on TikTok, we shared that the platform is a great advertising medium as it provides opportunities for brands and individuals to promote themselves and engage with their target audience. But last year, TikTok decided to step up its game by launching TikTok Resumes to help applicants get a job through personalized video resumes. Because of this, employers can better understand the applicant’s passion, creativity, and motivations that would otherwise be hard to gauge via traditional means. This lets employers determine if the applicant is a fit for the company’s skill and culture needs. Furthermore, since TikTok has a huge audience, this new approach can also become a recruiting tool amid the competitive job market.

However, while social media is a powerful recruitment tool it’s not necessarily the best way to find employees that will be good for the job. As a matter of fact, it can also directly or indirectly negatively impact your employer branding, especially since recently laid-off employees are now using social media platforms to vent their frustrations. This can become problematic if employees depict you as a heartless villain during tumultuous times. As a result, observers can misinterpret the story and immediately jump to conclusions about your company’s management practices.

But if you’re adamant about using TikTok as part of your recruitment strategy, here are some tips you can do to excel at it:

TikTok Recruiting Tips

Use hashtags strategically

Hashtags make your social media content visible to a wider audience. Strategically using them in your recruitment-related posts will help you reach more potential applicants in less time. For instance, brands like HBO created a special intern hashtag called #HBOMaxsummer to differentiate job submissions from other brands on the platform. Because of its uniqueness, it was able to attract over 300 applications on TikTok alone. But if you’re still coming up with a fun hashtag campaign for your brand, there’s nothing wrong with using existing hashtags such as #jobsearch and #careeropportunities in the meantime. It will still allow you to reach your target audience, the job seekers, on the platform.

Partner with an influencer

If influencer marketing works perfectly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it can work on TikTok as well. This is best demonstrated by the well-known news company, The Washington Post, which regularly publishes influencer content from their active employees or independent content creators to attract new talent. By posting relatable but valuable content, you can promote your business, encourage your audiences to apply for open positions, and even reveal the advantages of being a part of your company. Remember that you don’t always have to partner with celebrities to make your brand known. What’s important is that you partner with an influencer whose content and philosophy align with your company and its values.

Don’t rely on TikTok alone

Finally, don’t depend on the success of your recruitment program on TikTok alone. Even if TikTok resumes are gaining popularity, it doesn’t mean that all the best candidates are using the application. As such, there’s a likelihood that qualified applications won’t see your job listing. Instead of adopting only one platform, it’s best to post your openings on various networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Today, LinkedIn is the biggest name when it comes to professional websites, with around 810 million people registered on the platform. This makes it a suitable website for posting your job openings.

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