how to change keyboard on lg android

If you’re looking to fix or upgrade your LG Android phone, then you’ll want to learn how to change the keyboard. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on which phone you have and how easy it is to access the keyboard.

How do I change the text keyboard on my LG phone?

There are a few ways to change the keyboard on your LG phone. The easiest way is to go to the settings menu and select “Keyboard”. Here you can select from a variety of different keyboards, including a QWERTY keyboard, a numeric keyboard, and an international keyboard.

If you want to change the default keyboard for text input, you can do so by going to the same settings menu and selecting “Text Input”. Here you can select between the default keyboard (a QWERTY keyboard) and other text input options, such as an international keyboard.

How do I change my chat keyboard?

If you’re using an LG Android device, you can change the keyboard to something more comfortable. Here’s how:

1. Open the “Keyboard” app from your home screen.

2. Tap on the “Keyboard” icon at the top left corner of the app.

3. Select “Change Keyboard” from the menu that appears.

4. Tap on the keyboard you want to use. The default keyboard is “QWERTY”.

5. Use the keyboard buttons to enter text and press the space bar to start typing.

How do I change my keyboard to virtual?

LG Optimus L9 P970 – How to change keyboard to virtual:
1. From the main screen, tap the “Settings” icon.
2. Tap “Language & Input” in the Settings menu.
3. Select “Keyboard” from the list on the left.
4. On the right, you will see a list of keyboards. Tap “Virtual Keyboard” to select it.
5. On the next screen, you will be asked to input your password. Once you have entered it, tap “OK” to confirm your selection.
6. To use the virtual keyboard, simply draw your letters onscreen like you would with a physical keyboard and press down on them when you want them to appear onscreen. You can also use gestures such as a three-finger swipe up to delete a letter or a four-finger swipe left and right to move between letters in a word.

How do I change the keyboard theme on my LG?

There are a few ways to change the keyboard theme on your LG Android device. The quickest way is to go to the Settings menu, then tap on Language & Input, and select Keyboard. From here you can select one of the available keyboard themes. If you want to customize the layout of the keyboard, you can go to the Keyboard settings and make changes there.

If you don’t feel like going through all these menus, you can also download a custom keyboard app from the Google Play Store and install it. Once installed, open it and select the keyboard you want to use. The app will then configure itself automatically to use that keyboard theme.

How do I change my keyboard back to normal on my phone?

If you’re using an LG Android phone, and you’ve been using the keyboard that pops up on the bottom of the screen, you may want to change it back to the default keyboard. To do that, open your phone’s Settings app, and go to Language & Keyboard. There, you’ll see a list of keyboards (including “LG Keyboard”), and you can select the one you want to use.

How do I change my keyboard back to normal?

In order to change your keyboard back to the standard Google keyboard, you will need to go into your phone’s settings. From the main menu, select ‘General.’ Select ‘Keyboard.’ Under the ‘Keyboard’ tab, select ‘Keyboards.’ You will see a list of all of the keyboards that are installed on your phone. Select the ‘Google Keyboard’ from this list. Under the ‘Input Method’ section, you will see a button that says ‘Change Keyboards.’ Click this button. On the next screen, you will be able to choose between the standard keyboard and the Google Keyboard. Select the Google Keyboard and press OK.

How do I change keyboard settings?

If you are using a LG Android phone, you may be using the default keyboard. This keyboard may not be what you are used to, so it may be time to change it. There are a few ways to do this.

The first way is to go to the main settings menu and select “Keyboard”. There you will see a list of keyboard options including the default keyboard. Tap on this to change your keyboard selection.

The second way is to open the “Keyboard” app from the Play Store. This app has a variety of different keyboards available, and you can switch between them by tapping on the icon in the bottom left corner.

The third way is to go to Settings > Language & Input > Keyboard. Here you can find all of your keyboard settings, including the default keyboard. You can also change the language used for this keyboard.

How do I change the normal keyboard on WhatsApp?

If you are using WhatsApp on an LG Android phone, there may be a different keyboard that comes pre-installed. You can easily change the keyboard using the following steps:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen.
2. In the menu that appears, tap on Settings.
3. Under Language & Input, tap on Keyboard.
4. On the next screen, you will see different keyboards available. Tap on the one that you want to use.


If you’re looking to change your keyboard on your LG Android device, there are a few different ways to go about it. One option is to use the Settings app and scroll down until you see “Input Method.” There, you can select from among a variety of keyboard options. Another option is to open the Google Play Store app and search for ” Keyboard.” From here, you can install one of the many keyboard apps available on the market.

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