Elden Ring Absolution Guide: Revive & Reset NPCs

NPCs are a staple in any RPG, and Elden Ring is no exception. Unfortunately, as the game progresses and your party accumulates more and more powerful enemies, some of your NPCs may start to feel a bit… underpowered. That’s where this Absolution Guide comes in. In it, we will show you how to revive and reset NPCs so that they are once again able to handle themselves in combat. From resurrecting fallen allies to reviving powerful enemies, this guide has everything you need to bring your NPCs back to their former glory.

What is Elden Ring Absolution?

Elden Ring Absolution is an in-game mechanic that allows players to revive or reset NPCs in order to help them regain health and mana.

To use Elden Ring Absolution, players must first find a Fountain of Renewal. There are three fountains per zone: Central Yharnam, Lower Yharnam, and Upper Yharnam. Once found, players will need to locate the NPC they want to revive or reset, and click on them to initiate the process.

Reviving an NPC will restore some of their health and mana while resetting an NPC will completely restore their health and mana as if they had just logged in. Players cannot reset NPCs that have died recently or who are already engaged in combat.

Players can only use Elden Ring Absolution once per day. Additionally, each fountain has a cooldown timer that refreshes every 24 hours.

How does Elden Ring Absolution work?

Elden Ring Absolution is a new feature in The Elder Scrolls Online that allows players to revive and reset NPCs. This guide will outline how to use this mechanic and help you get the most out of it!

To use Elden Ring Absolution, first, make sure you have the new DLC installed. Once installed, open up the game menu (by pressing “P” on your keyboard) and select “Elden Ring Absolution”. This will open up the main menu for Elden Ring Absolution.

Once in the main menu, select “Revive & Reset NPCs”. This will bring up a list of all the NPCs in the game. To revive an NPC, simply click on them and they will be brought back to life with all their gear intact. To reset an NPC, simply click on them and they will be removed from the game entirely.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Elden Ring Absolution: First, only characters who have been killed can be revived or reset by players. Second, there is a cooldown period after an NPC has been revived or reset before it can be used again. Lastly, certain NPCs (like bosses) cannot be revived or reset at all.

Overall, Elden Ring Absolution is a powerful tool that provides players with a way to quickly restore characters and remove difficult enemies from the battlefields of Tamriel. Use it wisely!

How to revive & reset NPCs

There are a few ways to revive and reset NPCs in Elden Ring. One way is to use the reviver staff. This can be found in chests throughout the game or purchased from vendors. The other way is to use the resurrection stones. These can be found in specific areas or purchased from vendors. Ressurection stones must first be activated by placing them on an altar, then activating them with a staff of resurrection.
The best way to revive and reset NPCs is to do it at the location where they died. If they died outside of their location, you will need to find the nearest revival point and attempt to revive them there.

Tips for Success

Elden Ring Absolution Guide: Revive & Reset NPCs

1. Make sure you have the correct items – If you don’t have the right items, you won’t be able to revive or reset NPCs. Make sure you have enough food and drink, as well as any necessary tools.
2. Be patient – Don’t try to revive or reset an NPC too quickly, as this may cause them to die again. Give them time to rest and heal up first.
3. Pay attention to their status – If an NPC is unconscious or injured, it will need more care than usual to be revived or reset. Observe their health and make sure they’re getting the best possible treatment before trying to help them.
4. Be prepared for failure – If you’re not successful in reviving or resetting an NPC, don’t get discouraged! There’s always another way of doing things- just keep trying until you find a solution that works for you.

Can you resurrect NPC in Elden Ring?

If you’re looking to resurrect an NPC in Elden Ring, you first need to find them. NPCs will usually be found near important treasures or quest objectives, so it’s a good idea to keep your eye out while adventuring.

Once you’ve located the NPC, you’ll need to make sure they’re revived. To do this, right-click on the NPC and select “Revive.” If the NPC is hostile, they may resist being revived, and if that’s the case they’ll attack you. Once they’re back up and fighting again, they should respawn at their original location.

What if I accidentally hit an NPC in Elden Ring?

If you accidentally hit an NPC in Elden Ring, they will die and you will be able to resurrect them by interacting with them again. If their health is too low, they’ll revive with just a portion of their health restored.

Does Celestial Dew revive NPCs?

Celestial Dew can be used on NPCs to revive them. It will automatically resurrect any NPC that has been defeated and is not currently inside of a dungeon or other instanced area. If the NPC is inside of a dungeon or another instanced area, then you will need to enter the dungeon first and then use the Celestial Dew on the NPC.

If you are using Celestial Dew on an enemy NPC, it will not work if that enemy NPC is one of your party members.

How do I make NPCs not hostile in Elden Ring?

There are a few ways to make NPCs not hostile in Elden Ring. One is to revive them if they die. Another is to reset their AI by speaking to them and selecting the “reset” option.

To revive an NPC, you must first find them. They will be marked with a green cross on the minimap. When you reach them, select the “resuscitate” option and they will be brought back to life.

If an NPC dies, you can speak to them and select the “resurrect” option. This will bring them back to life with their default AI settings.

Speaking with NPCs also has other effects that can affect their behavior. For example, certain conversation options will increase your reputation with them, while others will decrease it. Certain items can be given to NPCs to change their behavior or influence the storyline in specific ways.

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