9 Popular Random Number Generator Apps.

Dear Reader, it seems like you have come to the right place if you are thinking to generate a random number for some reason on your phone, then this article is definitely going to help you find an appropriate app of your choice. This article will provide 8 Popular Random Number Generator Apps that can be used by Android and iOS users and you will find it easy to use and helpful in making you decide by generating a fun random number. Now no more confusing with the old methods when you can use the modern apps.

Given below are the popular Random Number Generator Apps.

1. Random Number Generator

This is one of the powerful app which is recommended by a lot of people. The app has 4.3 rating on the google play which is really good. The app is simple and easy to use.

  • No limitations to number (big, small, decimal)
  • You are provided dice
  • Create your own list and get random number picked
  • App Availability: It is available for Android users on the Play Store

2. Choose For Me – Random Choice Maker

This a an easy to use app and you can even use it as Wishlist apps. If you find things difficult to choose then this app is for you. This app will help you in making decisions and not waste time thinking about it.

  • You can make the reusable list
  • It has mess-free user-interface
  • You can create an unlimited list
  • Have unlimited choices
  • App Availability: Developed by Qi Chen. The app is available for both users: Android and iOS

3. Pretty Random – Random Numbers

Another best app for Random number generator which comes with a pretty UX experience.

  • You can also use this app as a picker, dice, and gambling
  • You can do other fun exciting things
  • The app is developed by Steven Burnett
  • App Availability: Both the users – android and iOS can download this app

4. Random Number Generator – Wordigram

Random Number generator is a tool provided by wordigram. You can generate a number of Random numbers with the help of this tool. Not even it generates the numbers but also lets you copy and paste numbers whereever you wants to use them.

  • Let’s you generates a number of numbers randomly.
  • You can also generate random tables with this tool.
  • Let’s you copy and paste words whereever you want to use them.
  • App Availability: This web app is available on web. Link: Random Number Generator

5.Random Number Generator Plus – Dice, Lotto, Coins

So this app is one of the best apps of all and also it is Ad-free, which sounds like bliss! There’s no permission required. It is easy and fun to use. we can surely say that this is one of those No Non-Sense apps.

  • Dark Mode Available
  • App provides you Dice Roller
  • It also has a coin-flipper feature
  • If you are tired of clicking on the device then shake the device to generate numbers
  • App Availability: It is available for Android on google play

6. Lottery Number Generator

Here we have this app which is slightly different from others mentioned. This app offers random number generator for multi-countries lotteries including North America, Canada, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania.

  • This app contains Ads
  • It’s free
  • It is easy to use
  • App Availability: This app is available for Android Users and for iOS Users

7. Randomizer – Random Picker

With the help of this app you can select between predefined elements for randomizing. It provides you a fun way to choose if you can’t decide if you should to go out or stay in and so some self-care stuff. Using this app you will never feel stuck on a decision.

  • You can choose between any number
  • You can select a random color as well
  • Decide if you want to see the unique value every time
  • Create your own custom list
  • App Availability: It is available for both- Android and iOS- users

8. Counter App

This App is rated 4.5 Stars on google play. People are really happy with this app. one of the popular app that help you with your choices. The app is said to be simply by many users hence it is very easy to use and fun app.

  • It makes Counting super easy
  • You are provided with translation
  • Create counters with their own names and values
  • It has some really cool features
  • App Availability: It is available for android users as well as iOS users

9. Dice Roller

A lot of people love to through the dice, it just feels good. This app provides you a free 3d dice and will help you generate any random number for your purpose and help you take a better decision.

  • With this virtual roller, you can play any game that requires the use of dice.
  • This app can roll: 1, 2, or even 3 Dice
  • App Availability: The app is available for Android and iOS users

These are the apps, hope you found this article helpful and had found the random number generator app that suits you. The links are provided for the downloads of both- android and iOS users. Just click on the buttons that will take you to the downloading page Thank you!

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