8 Best Pen-Pal Apps For You

What an interesting and fun way to connect with people around the world! It’s always fascinating to know about the people who are far away from us. To know the world where we cannot be present physically, to learn about their language, culture and be friends with them. In the old-time, there were traditional pen-pals but, as we all know, the internet has took-over a lot of traditional fun but has also provided us more fun just at our fingertips! Now we have a lot of fun pen-pal clubs online. we can discover such clubs through e-magazine, newspapers, etc. In today’s time, we smart humans have found a smart way to connect with each other via writing on daily basis to one another and keep the bonds stronger.

So, in case you are in search of some amazing pen-pal apps that will connect you with your dear friend then this article is exactly for you. Here we give you some really amazing apps that will help you to get in touch with the other side of the world.

1. SLOWLY – Connect to the World!

one of the best app that is available for both Android as well as iOS. It is one of the best apps to have a meaningful conversation that a lot of people lack. You can have the traditional pen pal experience with this app.

  • It is one letter at a time also the mailing time depending on the distance between you and your friend! sounds so Unique.
  • Availability of App: Download available for both Android and iOS users on Google Play and App Store.

2.Airtripp:Free Foreign Chat

Airtipp is another amazing app that connects you with your foreign friends. In fact, You can make new friends as well. using this app you can meet new people from 250 different countries, can get to see share many beautiful pictures around the world.

  • You can find a language study partner like native speakers. go ahead and send fun and interesting gifts to those friends!
  • Availability of App: Download available for both users Android and iOS on Google Play And App Store.

3.Bottled – Message in a Bottle

This app has such an interesting name! You can make friends anywhere in this world with the help of this app. You can get and receive messages from anyone. If the other person on the app likes your bottled-up letter then he\she can keep your message and you guys can start a chat.

  • You can Send one letter at a time.
  • You will be able to share instant messages
  • With continuous use, you can earn rewards and can unlock more interesting features.
  • Availability of App: Downloads on Playstore and On iTunes.

4.Hello Talk – Chat, Speak and Learn Languages For Free

Hello Talk is one of the best Global language learning app available on the internet. It connects you with the native speakers of different languages. With the help of the app you can now learn so much by exploring and can practice all you speaking and writing skills here.

  • Work on your pronunciations.
  • Get to know the international languages and community at one place.
  • Get into meaningful conversations with interesting new people.
  • Have the opportunity to learn about the different cultures and languages.
  • Availability of App: Available for Android and iOS users.

5. Interpals – Friends and Language Exchange

Penpals have around 5 million users around the world. You can meet new people and travelers around the world. You will the native speakers of popular languages such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.

  • Availability of App: The app is available on android and iOS in their respective stores.

6. Ablo

This is a free penpal app that you can explore. Ablo provides you the easiest ways to make friends around the world. You can chat and video call your foreign friends with accurate translations.

  • Chat with obvious and accurate translations.
  • Make friends worldwide
  • Explore and make videos
  • Availability of app: Available for Android and iOS users.

7.Unbordered app – Foreign Friend Chat

This app makes you meet so many people around the world with unlimited translations. Not only chats but you can send audio messages too. It also has night mode which will save your eyes from looking at the bright screen.

  • It has 2000+ ready-made phrases with translation
  • You can find friends anywhere and can sort them out based on gender and age
  • There Are public chat room
  • Availability of App: both on Android and on iTunes.

8.Tandem: Speak and Learn Languages

This app has been named as one of Google Play’s best apps of 2017. Finds ways to connect with people and improve your literary skills.

  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Enhance your Vocabulary
  • Make worldwide friends
  • Availability of app: It is available for free download for Android and also available for iOS

That was all. Hope you have found the app that suits you better. Thankyou for visiting the page.

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