How to Get to Corsair Cove in OSRS

Corsair Cove is a popular area in the popular online game, RuneScape. It’s a beautiful spot with stunning scenery, and it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy visiting. If you’re curious about how to get to Corsair Cove, this article will explain everything you need to know. From transportation options to where to stay once you’re there, this guide has it all. So read on and get ready for an amazing trip to one of the most picturesque places in RuneScape.

Location of Corsair Cove

Corsair Cove is located in the Khazard region, southwest of Yanille. You can reach it by traveling south from Yanille and then east through the forest until you see a couple of small bridges. The cove is on the north side of one of these bridges.

Getting there (via the Grand Exchange)

Corsair Cove is located in northwest of the Grand Exchange and is accessible via the teleport pad near Ardougne Castle. The cove has a small fishing village located on its shores, which can be accessed by walking south from the teleport pad. There are three ways to reach Corsair Cove: by walking or running from Ardougne, by using the fairy ring code CKS, or by using the Ectofuntus. From Ardougne, visitors can head east through the forest and past Ardougne Castle before arriving at Corsair Cove. To get to Corsair Cove from the Fairy Ring CKS, players need to enter code CQB followed by the coordinates -36, 22. From Ectofuntus players need to type car on the chat box then hit ENTER then type corsecove.

Getting there (via the Port Sarim Shipyard)

Corsair Cove, located in the Port Sarim Shipyard has been a popular destination for players of RuneScape for many years. The cove is a beautiful location, with stunning views of the sea and the docks. It’s also home to a large number of fishing spots, as well as various other interesting features.

To get to Corsair Cove, you can take the regular port sarim ferry or charter a ship from the shipyard. The ferry leaves from the port sarim dock every 10 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night and takes around 15 minutes to reach the cove. The fee for using the ferry is £2 per person, £4 per car (or £5 for bicycles). Alternatively, you can charter a ship from the shipyard for around £50 per hour. The ships are large enough to hold up to 12 people and have plenty of space for fishing and swimming.

Completion of the quest

Step 1: Head to the northwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. There’s a big rock in the water here and you’ll need to use a boat to get to Corsair Cove.

Step 2: Once you’re in Corsair Cove, follow the path until you reach a locked door. Use your key to open it and head through.

Step 3: You’ll come across some small enemies along the way, but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem. When you reach the end, you’ll find yourself in front of an altar dedicated to Saradomin. Speak to him and he’ll give you your quest reward – an amulet called ‘The Chrysalis’.


If you’re looking for a place to kill some time, Corsair Cove might be the perfect spot. It’s a small fishing village located just north of Varrock, and it’s packed with activities for all ages. There are two main attractions in Corsair Cove: the Fishing Guild and the Fisherman’s Wharf. The Fishing Guild is a place where you can buy fishing supplies and learn how to fish. The Fisherman’s Wharf is home to several stalls that sell seafood, as well as several fishing boats that you can charter. If you’re looking for something to do on a hot day, there are plenty of opportunities around Corsair Cove to cool off with a swim or a game of tennis.

Where is Corsair Cove Resource Area?

Corsair Cove is a popular resource area in Old School RuneScape. The area is located south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, west of Falador, and north of Ardougne. To reach Corsair Cove, players must take the path east from Falador, then follow the river south until they reach the cove.

The cove consists of three islands: Shipyard Isle, Woodland Isle, and Metal Isle. These islands are connected by a causeway, which can be easily reached by crossing the river using any of the various bridges that exist in the area. Each island has its unique features, including several trees that can be chopped down for wood, an ore-mining spot, and a fishing spot.

The biggest attraction in Corsair Cove is the crystal cave on Metal Isle. Inside the cave is a large crystal deposit, which can be mined for crystals. Players who find enough crystals can sell them to vendors in Falador or Ardougne for a significant amount of money. Other notable features of Corsair Cove include two banks – one on Shipyard Isle and one on Woodland Isle – and several altars that can be used to teleport to different parts of Gielinor.

How do I get to the Corsair curse?

To get to Corsair Cove, head south from the Draynor Manor bank and follow the river until you reach a peninsula. The cove is on the southern side of the peninsula.

How do you get to Feldip Hills Osrs?

Felipe Hills is a small, isolated area located east of the Draynor Village area in the OSRS world. To get to Feldip Hills, players need to head east from Draynor Village and then cross the river by using the logs that are floating nearby. Once they reach Feldip Hills, they will need to find the entrance to Corsair Cove. The entrance can be found at the top of a small hill and players will need to climb up it using either a ladder or steps.

Where is Colin Cabinboy?

Colin Cabinboy is located in Corsair Cove, which is part of the Lumbridge Swamp area. To get to Corsair Cove, you will need to travel through the swamp and follow the river north until you reach a small dock. From there, you can walk north towards the cove.

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